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Junior High Academic Information page

JOY!!! Jesus First, Others Second, You


Service Hours: http://www.sacredheartpalmdesert.com/outreach-calendar



JOY!!! Jesus First, Others Second, You



Grades 2-8 will be utilizing Gradelink for their “Homework Board.” When signing on to Gradelink, please find the calendar icon just right of the center of the screen. It is a white box with the number date indicated (for instance, today is the 28, so the icon is a “28.”


  • Click on the icon
  • Monthly view will show
  • Click on “week” in the top right corner
  • Assignments will appear at the top of the calendar week
  • Assignments appear on the DUE DATE! Not date assigned.
  • If the blue assignment is listed on the 28th, that means that it is due that day and the homework should be completed the night/nights before
  • Clicking or hovering a specific assignment gives more detail
    • For instance, the blue box may say “Current Event”
    • When hovering, it will indicate the topic the teacher has chosen


If you have any questions, please contact your advisor






Wed, 5/24   

8th Literature final


Thurs, 5/25 

6 Math1 Chapter Test

6 Math3 Chapter 10 Test (sections 1-4)

7 Math 1 Chapter Test

7 Math3 Chapter 11 Test (sections 1-3)

7 MENKE final book assessment (open book)

7A Social Studies, Ch 18 Test

8AB Math and Spanish finals

8AB Service Hours DUE


Fri, 5/26      

Field Day

8th Grade Dinner Dance 5:30pm


Mon, 5/29  



Wed, 5/31   

6AB Math final

7AB Science final


Thurs, 6/1         

7AB Social Studies final

7 Math1 FINAL


Friday, 6/2

6AB Service Hours DUE

7AB Service Hours DUE


Tues, 6/6     

6th grade Cultural Faire – signups will be in the lounge



6th (all), 7th (all), and 8th (Groups 2 and 3) book online



6-8 Language Arts



6-8 Science, 8 Social Studies



6-7 Social Studies online



6-8 Spanish and 6-8 Math online



8 Math (Uhl only)




The religion book is not online