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Junior High Academic Information page

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Updated, 9/14


Wednesday, September 15

8 Math Black Ch 2 (1-4) Test


Thursday, September 16

6 Girls SS Key Terms quiz

7AB Spanish Quiz - words in Quizlet

7A Map of Italy quiz

7AB Word Dissection (1-15 - Quizlet in Google Classroom)

7 Math Black Ch 1 Test

7 Math Franco Ch 1 Mi-Ch quiz

8AB Spanish Quiz - words in Quizlet

8AB Holocaust Key Terms quiz



Friday, September 17

6AB Word Dissection (Lesson 1-2 - Quizlet in Google Classroom)

6 Math Black Chapter 3 Test

6AB Science KT quiz

7 Math Uhl Chapter 1 Test

8AB Science Test Ch 1

8AB SS Quiz Lesson 1-3 Key Terms

8AB Word Dissection (1-24 - Quizlet in Google Classroom)


Wednesday, September 22

6AB Science Ch 1 Test


Thursday, September 23

6AB Spanish Quiz - words in Quizlet


Friday, September 24

7AB Science Test Ch 1




Spanish ALL



6-8 Science and Social Studies



6-8 Math




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